About Us

About us

Standard Gateway is an online and offline services and products provider focused on education and technology. The company was created from a rebranding of nationalexamination.com in order to emphasize its wide spectrum of focus. Its primary goal is to solve local, regional and hopefully global problems addressable by technology.

The advent of the internet has brought ample opportunities to the global population, but not with equal yields. It is true that though technology has spread very fast both in the last decades of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, more and more inequalities have been created. To top it all simple issues have lacked attention due to the bureaucratization of technological products and services development that more and more have evolved to only focus on short term return on investments.

Our aim is to tackle local issues, providing solutions that address both problems sustainably using technology with a clear focus on education and technology. In order to ensure everyone has access to our products and services, whenever possible we will avail both a paid and a free option. Otherwise, we will price our products consciously to ensure our products are affordable.

Our current flagship products are: nationalexamination.com, a platform to assist students, educators, etc. to prepare for standard exams, edrivingschool.org, a platform to assist students, educators, etc prepare for driving license exam as well providing different types of information on road safety and manuals, kezaplex.com a premium information provider. In addition, we have different products in development under our keza brand.

We are very conscious that the future is the web. We envision Standard Gateway products and services to cover multiple aspects of life in the near future with a local touch, allowing our customers to transact online and offline on both our platforms and our partner’s platforms.


Standard Gateway stemmed from National Examination Gateway. The name, National Examination Gateway proved to be both confusing and limiting, prompting a rebranding to emphasize a wider horizon and focus.

The original idea was to create an African wide national examination platform, which proved to be incredibly challenging; the name was hence chosen strategically to facilitate scale. Later on, also the team realized that it was necessary to change the name to highlight that it is a private organization.

The official founding date is not known. The founders of the company have preferred to go with a futuristic date of January 15th, 2020, despite the fact that technology development and operation commenced earlier. Other key dates are the registration date of the standardgateway.com domain name on March 15th, 2015, the incorporation date and break-even date. The latter two dates being futuristic.

In order to streamline operations, in 2018, an office was opened in Kigali Rwanda, Nyabugogo location. This was to prepare for different products and services in development, to ensure support, maintenance, extensibility, and availability of customer service and field support.


Become the standard gateway enabling inclusive technology valorization through demystification, simplification, driving availability and utilization of key basic technological infrastructures, platforms, products and services while advancing day to day life of our users, customers, partners, employees, and investors.


Become one of the leading, online and offline players in the countries where we operate, reputable for the value and quality of products and services we provide to our users.


Honesty (Accountability)


Our goals are we are driven by our short term plans, they will be updated along the way
By 2025, Achieve 50% target of all students sitting for exams using our platform for preparation solutions
By 2025, House Driving School Exam Preparation Material for 80% of all African Countries
By 2025, Process 20% of all transactions in the region
By 2025, Operate in all countries regionally
By 2025, Become the number one organization where people want to associate with: work, buy products, etc.
By 2025, Achieve profitability

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