SG KezaPlex Account Services

About: Some of KezaPlex account PSN (Premium Service Number) access requires access codes. This includes mainly PSN that warrants confidentiality where access code is required to protect valuable information such as financial information, results, system admins, etc.  this service allows our customer to request different services on the accounts such as creating a new account, request extension for access code, etc. For full Service Description Click Here.


Cost: It depends on the type of request and how long it will last if it is an extension


Duration: It depends on the type of request, typically less than a week, if it requires setting up a new PSN code, it may take longer, our staff will keep you informed upon receipt of your request.

Requesting the Service: If interested, please fill the following Service Request Form and a Standard Gateway Staff will contact you soon. SG KezaPlex Account Services Request Form