Standard Gateway is a distributed, lean organization. We are a small group of highly motivated, hardworking, tenacious, tech-savvy, ambitious, etc. individuals. We are driven by what is possible, the challenges of getting there, and opportunities to solve our users’ daily real problems. We operate multiple facets of teams both front office, back office, remote, and a combination of both. If you like to join our team do not hesitate to contact us.

Everyone on the team is a leader. If you have a particular inquiry the leaders below will get you in contact with one of our team members who will solve your problem:

  •, Chairman & Technical Advisor
  •, Managing Director, SG
  •, Managing Director, NEG
  •, Technical Development Coordinator
  •, Technical Development Coordinator
  •, Office and Operation Coordinator
  •, Communication Advisor
  • TBD, Media, Sales, and Marketing Coordinator
  •, General Inquiries


Beside our active team, Behind the scenes, we are steered by a multitude of advisors and champions that are spread out around the world with different niche expertise.