2020 First Quarter Update: The future is Web, The future is Technology, With Covid-19 We are entering a different era. Standard Gateway on a journey to play a role in transitioning services online

We are living in an unprecedented time. Never has the world seen a crisis which had as much impact, disruption and magnitude as Covid-19. Many have already started to speculate that apart from major loss of lives, the current pandemic will have an as massive financial impact even more than the 2008 financial crisis. 

One thing that this pandemic brings to everyone’s attention and mind, is really questioning scientific advancement in terms of research, mitigation and containment. The worst part is though the fact that no one knows if, how and when the crisis will end considering up until now, there is no vaccine or cure for the horrific Corona Virus.

What has happened for the last two months is a major shift in day to day lives for both  individuals and companies. We are seeing more and more companies being introduced to all or partial remote work environments, a concept in our opinion that has really taken too long for some companies to adopt.

The centrality of technology cannot be more emphasized more than in periods like this. On the individual level, more and more people have had to depend on online services to conduct their day to day life. 

For Standard Gateway, this is always time to reflect on our Quarterly planning and execution, and what we are doing to bring services and products online; we cannot be more enlightened. The only regret is our slow speed, but nevertheless we are proud of some of the services that our users are taking advantage of during this time that everyone is under quarantine. We have seen the number of visitors to our exam preparation platform www.nationalexamination.com increase significantly. We have seen the same trend for our driving license preparation platform www.edrivingschool.org.

In the quarter that just wrapped up our focus has been to bring payment into our platforms as well as streamlining our internal processes. We were able to integrate with Paypal and nearly complete integration with a major payment provider who is currently serving the entire East African Community. Currently we are in the process to finalize integration in the first month of the second Quarter.

We are driving a unique strategy ditching the build one product model that has been adopted by many startups in the past. For example, we released edrivingschool.org, but delayed marketing launch, despite no marketing, we think it has been a huge success, with a small number of enrolments from Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. 

In this coming quarter we are looking at kicking off multiple projects of what we internally called micro-services. Those will include e-ticketing for travel agencies, e-assessment for exam preparedness assessment, and document customization products. All of these products will be housed at two new platforms: kezastore and kezaservices as we leverage the Keza Brand that we started building around our products from 2017. KezaStore will house the selling module while KezaServices will house applications that can be customized and tailored to companies or individuals.

At the end of this year, users will be able to have access to an increased number of our services spanning education and technology. We envision a platform where we will house past exams, past keys, assessment exams, driving courses and driving information for the education sector. In addition services such as being able to buy a ticket will be added to both drive utilization and financial sustainability.

Unfortunately, the future will continue to be uncertain, but we all know even by the time when the virus is defeated, it will take ample time for everything to come back to normal. The best thing that everyone can do is to stay healthy and take precautions by following guidelines and guidelines from local authorities and medical personnels. Our hope is to bring you more products and services online and we are confident the future is brighter. That future will be built around the web and technology.

We look forward to working with you in one or another capacity and please reach out if anything we can work out together in the education and technology space.Happy Browsing to all our Sites: www.nationalexamination.com, www.kezaplex.com, www.edrivingschool.com and stay tuned for what we have in store in coming months.

SG Team


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