2020 Q3 Update: new normal, new challenges, our journey and plans for the future thus far

Covid-19 has disrupted nearly every industry. In our lifetime, never has there been anything that has impacted the world as the current pandemic. We are all the time reminded that there are indeed opportunities in every challenge; however the pandemic has also reminded us that opportunities come with challenges! 

Some of the opportunities that came with the pandemic is a big migration in technology usage, a springboard that can be utilized for online services delivery, considering the change in mindset. However, the challenges still remain, as no one knows when the pandemic is going to end and when we will be able to control it. There is still a discussion whether we are in a new normal or just in a temporary mess that will pass soon. For us at Standard Gateway that discussion becomes evaluating where we are, where we are intending to go, our plans for the future and whether we need to refocus or restrategize.

The third quarter has been a productive time for us, we were able to make some good progress on our main initiatives. At the moment we are focused on delivering to the market two platforms: kezaservices and kezastores. The two platforms will house information and tools that we believe will be handy to users while they navigate the new normal, consistent with our education and technology focus.

As announced in the last quarter update, the main services will be geared towards travel agency ticketing and assessment exams. We have successfully completed prototypes for both services and are undertaking assessment exam content collection efforts. At the end of Q4 we envision students and educators to be able to subscribe for online assessment exams in the same form they subscribe for television channels. At the same time, the ticketing platform will allow users to access route information as well as book tickets anywhere and any time.

One challenge we came across was particularly an increase in the number of users who visit our flagship site nationalexamination.com for access to educational materials for exam preparation. As a result we have exceeded our server capacity. As of now we are in the planning phase and we plan to have the site back next week deployed on a server with more capacity.

We have a lot of activities ahead of us in Q4 to both develop content, tools and expand the team. As schools start to reopen and life comes back to normal we expect to accelerate our content collection effort for both past papers and online assessment exams that will be deployed on the new platform and start approaching our travel agency partners. So what will you want to do on one of our platforms at the end of Q4? Book a ticket or take an assessment exam online? More news to come!  

SG Team 


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