Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from all of us, 2020 here we come, KezaPlex, KezaStore, KezaPay, will there be a reality or bogus planning?

Happy new year to you and Merry Xmas to you and your family. It is 2020 already. At this year’s Umushyikirano Conference in Kigali Rwanda, a senior official of the institution in charge of technology and development acceleration gave a bright example of one Keza Nyiramajyambere who will grow up in a completely different era. Technology will continue with no doubt impacting our lives on a daily basis and changing the way we live. The right thing for us to do at the moment is to be mindful that all the necessary changes will require a change in the mindset and an elevated understanding of the high game.

We at Standard Gateway, the operating organization of both KezaPlex, and edrivingschool, have for a long time been preparing for that future, both for ourselves and to our customers and users. Like any other organization, we are driven by planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation. For us 2019 has been a superbly fruitful year in terms of new products and setting up the foundation.

We started off the year by announcing the release of KezaPlex, a Premium Communication System that is built to allow us to take advantage of availing key information and transacting with low cost in a platform under our control. At the moment we have successfully ported various information through what we called Premium Service Numbers (PSN). Currently, we have results via PSN608 where the user writes PSN608 leaves space, followed by national examination Registration Number, then sends. The system replies with National Examination Results. Currently, we have only Rwandan Results available, but planning to add on more countries as we go.

Currently, on KezaPlex we have also been able to avail financial information and the way we do this is by enabling groups to be able to share information with a PSN and optionally a password. For instance, for a group that has a treasurer that only have access to the bank account, we make it possible for other users to be able to access the account information, by allowing the treasurer to add users to the account with a secured passcode that can be provided either as a one-time access code, expiring accessing code or simply a perpetual code that can be revoked at any time. In this way, there is greater financial accountability, given a lot of time money gets embezzled because people with access to the account tend to think nobody will know. 

But perhaps the most exciting Premium Service number is our entertainment PSN, PSN908 where users can be able to get various entertainment content. The Content is still in development, however, we have plenty of content still. To experience the new PSN, all that is needed is to head to>webtext->go to webtext or and try out our service request by sending messages below:

PSN508 Ihaha

PSN508 Akabanga

PSN908 Urwenya

PSN908 Abubu

PSN908 Ntibavuga

PSN908 Sakwe

Another milestone for us was the launch of platform for driving licensing exam preparation and driving licensing information in general. Due to an increase in workload, we have had to scale down the amount of content, but nevertheless we were able to avail information for 3 countries in East Africa: Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. This year we plan to avail content for additional countries and if we are able to have resources have two countries. 

It is already the end of the third quarter! We hope you had a productive one. Time has been flying, while we have so much on our plate, it is about time to share with you what has been going on our side. We have more we can share but these two are the most important ones: First, we are excited to announce that our entertainment content PSN is up and running and second we are very close to having financial information on KezaPlex, very excited.

What is in store for the future?

We like the world gateway because it symbolizes everything Standard Gateway. For instance we just completed our one-stop-shop for information of who we are and our plans, the site is housed at When you visit the site you will notice some futuristic products there. Our plans for 2020 is to be able to streamline our products and services and position ourselves as an organization that is both sustainable and progressive.

Some of our activities will be to continue building the platforms that we are already operating. In addition, we will be looking at establishing products and services that everyone uses on a daily basis both to support our operating costs and solve our user’s problems. In Q1 we are intending to strategically find a way to fund our social-side of the business, national examination gateway through outreach to different funders. In the meantime, we will be adding more services and products the most notably, kezaStore and where we intend to make available travel agencies and bus ticketing online. 

Needless to mention that it is about time to engage our Media, Sales and Marketing team. This activity will take place starting from the Second Quarter and intensify in the Third Quarter. At the same time, we will continue to streamline our operation and work with our partners to achieve our goals. 

We again look forward to working with you in one or another capacity and please reach out if anything we can work out together in the education and technology space.Happy Browsing to all our Sites:,,

SG Team

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